Gingerbread is now LIVE!

posted 1st Nov 2016, 8:00 PM

Gingerbread is now LIVE!
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1st Nov 2016, 8:00 PM


Looking for a new comic? Come check out GINGERBREAD web and comic magazine, showcasing comics from around the web! in this issue:

It will showcase indy and webcomics it will be available on, right now. just click on this link! or go directly to the magazine by clicking on the link directly here! Here are the regular features that will be displayed in GINGERBREAD:

FREE SAMPLES: this section will showcase 8 pages of a comic and will have the name of the creator and the web address to the comic site.

COMIC STRIPS: these comic strips will appear throughout the comic features Gin and blakz the inkboy.

IT CAME FROM THE INTERNET: each month, I will put up an odd pic I found while looking at websites like imgur, reddit of other sites.

CREATOR Q AN' A: I will interview a creator about their latest comic and what goes into making it.

CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: introducing a character from a comic, web or independent.

FANART GALLERY: a section where i'll display other people's fanarts along with a web address to their websites. From a webcomic creator someone from a deviant art account.
TRAINING DAY: a section where(hopefully) a comic creator can create a art tutorial for the magazine.

PIN-UP GIRL OF THE MONTH: a section where blakz's the inkboy's Arabella will pose in outfits that will be thematic to the month it's published.

DID I MENTION THIS IS FREE?! All I ask is for those involved to make a link to the magazine on their website or twitter and other social media. telling people about it and tell other comics creators about this.

Got a webcomic? Wanna showcase it on GINGERBREAD? Drop me a line at my []gmail[/url] or pm me and let me know what you think. Some sections will require you to put something together like training day or in the free sample section, you want to put certain pages instead of letting me do it, let me know. now
i would like to showcase as many creators as possible but, if you don't get picked, i'll move you to the next issue.

if you have any questions, let me know.

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